Ground Zero Band

Ground Zero


Gregg Barker - Lead guitar

Pete Mrakovich - Lead vocals

Alan Voelkel - Drums

Jon Voelkel - Lead bass


Ground Zero exploded onto the Chicago rock circuit in early 1978.  They served up loud, grab-you-by-the-short-and-curlies performance rock. As one rock journo put it - “they deliver the art of the live gig”.   Ground Zero blended the Voelkel brothers umbilical-synch rhythm section with guitar virtuoso Gregg Barker’s mind boggling leads and Pete “wild-man” Mrakovich’s vocals and showmanship.  Fans across the midwest and as far away as Japan lapped up their debut album Tokyo Express. A second album was well on the way when the band broke up under unexplained circumstances.

The band members continue to create original must-listen music. Alan Voelkel (the most effected by the break-up) changed his name to Javier, swapped drums for bass and now speaks in an affected English accent. He went on to record with latin funksters - Joshua Rocks. Jon Voelkel moved to England to attempt a reverse invasion with punk rock legends M40. He was last seen playing the nose flute on a Maya pyramid in the Guatemalan rainforest. Gregg continues to rock Chicago under many guises (ie DeStijl, Fish Club, Brave New Squirrels, Special Fred, Paulina, The Gregg Barker Ennui, Fried Toast, etc)  He is the aspiration for a whole new generation of inspiring musicians. Pete - the consummate showman, plays with Vinyl Dog Toy and writes unusual songs about fruits and vegetables.